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Deodorant and Mental Health...Wait, What?!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Deodorant is one of the main things we look at when we want to start changing our routine towards a more natural one. There are even many people who are not very fond of natural cosmetics but do use a deodorant without aluminum salts.

The issue of sustainability and its increasing importance has led many to try eco-friendly alternatives to their daily hygiene products. For this reason, natural deodorants have started to garner a lot of popularity. A trend that, today, is on everyone's lips. Some choose them for being greener and more environmentally friendly, but their mental health benefits aren't talked about as much, or at all really. But they do exist, and I'm going to tell you all about them! Who knows, that might even give you the push you need to go natural!

Don't Fuck With Conventional Deodorants

Sweat is a transparent liquid that all mammals secrete through sweat glands. It has two very important functions for our body: regulate body temperature and eliminate toxins.

And yes, in case you didn't know until now: we are mammals.

Although sweat is odorless, there are three areas of the body (armpits, pubis and feet) in which we have sweat glands that also expel, along with sweat, a series of fatty acids and proteins that ferment due to the action of bacteria that we have on the skin and produce the characteristic bad smell. *pee-yew!* In fact, the area of ​​the feet is the most debated (yes people actually talk about foot odor, scientists mostly) about whether the sweat that we secrete in that area also smells or is simply the result of the accumulation and fermentation of sweat that remained inside the shoes.

Essential Oils: The Key To Happiness(ish)

The strength of organic deodorants is to save us from all those nasty chemicals that we put in our body every day without even knowing it. Many of these chemicals are suspected of having long-term effects on our health, including our mental health. Natural ingredients give our bodies a breather, but in addition, the use of essential oils, which have already been shown to have benefits for mental health, is the key factor in why choose these organic products.

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to improve mood and overall health. Several ancient cultures used essential oils for rituals and religious practices, recognizing their ability to impact feelings. Over time, scientists and mental health professionals have dedicated themselves to studying mental health and the chemical imbalances that cause this in human beings, gaining a better understanding of how chemical sensors in the body respond to the effects of aroma. These investigations concluded that aromatherapy can have a remarkable effect on the emotional well-being and mood and mental health of human beings.

So the next time you see a mummy in a good mood, it's probably because the ancient Egyptians used essential oils to embalm it.

Deo + Lavender Oil = Kickass!

You probably already knew about the lavender in some of the products we use around the house, from laundry soap to carpet cleaner, but many are unaware of its properties for health and emotional well-being.

Lavender essential oil is the most basic of all in aromatherapy because it has a very mild and clean smell. Relaxing and calming properties are attributed to it and it is great when it comes to relaxing and sleeping better.

Therefore, when using a natural deodorant go with one with lavender oil. Not only do you avoid smelling bad on the train home from work, but during the day, the smell of lavender will help you with stress and anxiety. So not only will you flush all those harmful chemicals out of your body, but you'll feel and smell better for it too!

So be a happy mammal with its aluminum-free unclogged pores!


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