• Emma Buryd

Definitive And Foolproof Guide To Feeling Like Sh*t

Do these three things if you want to be miserable for your entire life. Take note and learn.

1. Be satisfied with how you are already

Don't worry about what time you get up.

Don't worry about making your bed or keeping your house neat. You have many important things to do, and you cannot occupy your mind with trivialities.

You don't have to work on yourself. You are already the way you are, why change that? You don't have to correct things about your behavior that you don't like, accept yourself as you are.

2. Don't work for the things you want

Opportunities come, you can sit and wait for them. Working to achieve things does not make sense, if it is meant for you it will come by itself. Don't worry about getting the love of your life either, your soulmate is destined to meet you and make you happy.

You don't have to be busy all the time, you just have to look busy. Start doing a daily chore and leave it halfway through until the day is done. That way you will have been busy with something.

Life will give you what you want, not what you work for. Lay back and relax.

3. Do only things that make you feel comfortable

When a friend invites you to hang out, always say no. You are too busy to go out.

Do that always until they eventually understand that you are a busy person and stop inviting you.

Always expect others to plot against you. Never trust and always expect the worst of all. That way you will always be prepared.

Think about the worst possible scenarios and be sure that will happen. Above all, focus on things beyond your control and feel concerned about them. All the time.

Do all of these things and you will be 100% successful in being miserable and feeling like sh*t.

Trust me, I've been practicing my whole life.

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