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Are You In The 1%?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The Myers-Briggs indicator created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers and based on Carl Jung theory is a personality typology to help people discover their own strengths and gain a better understanding of how people are different. There are 16 personality types in total, most have been studied by experts for in one way or another for decades. Most of them are pretty well known to us, however, there is one that little had been said and written about, until now...

The Rarest Type, The 1%

This is the personality type known as the “counselor”, also identified by the acronym INFJ (an acronym for introversion, intuition, feeling and judgment). This Myers Briggs test began to be used in fields such as pedagogy, marriage counselling, staff training, among others and is used to identify underlying traits that can be developed and guide a person through different stages in their lives and careers.

Only 1% of the population can identify with this personality type, which combines insight, intellect and empathy to “read” people in an almost mysterious way. They can be distant and analytical at times, but use their introverted intuition skills to understand people and situations in ways that no one else can.

The Oddity

If someone has not yet heard of this type of personality, it will not take long to find a book, a documentary or an article with the classic list of the 10 key characteristics that define this unique type of profile. The INFJ personality is all the rage right now, and although at first glance it may remind us a bit of a highly sensitive personality, there is so much more depth to the souls of these oddities.

The Myers-Briggs Indicator is a type of psychological test that professionals in the educational world tend to like. It makes it easier for students to get to know each other better, to make more reasoned decisions about their academic and career futures. Through its four scales, we can know, for example, how we see the world, how we process everything that surrounds us or how we relate to each other.

INFJ Personality Traits

The INFJ personality is also known as the 'counsellor' for the following (super cool) reasons:

  • They are idealistic and have a high sense of what is right and wrong.

  • They are guided by their values ​​and are always very belief oriented.

  • One of its clearest goals is to make it easy to help others.

  • However, they are not limited to “rescue”, because the INFJ personality has the ability to inspire, to get encourage others to excel, through their mysterious allure and magnetism, they make everyone around them better, to become the kind of people who do not need to be rescued.

They Can Socialize But Prefer Solitude

This type of personality profile has a knack for building relationships. They know how to make friends and keep them, they are close, warm and friendly, simple and good conversationalists. Seen from the outside they can give the impression that they are the classic example of an extrovert, however, the INFJ personality controls moments of sociability very well and limits them in time for a very basic reason.

Their nature is introverted and they need moments of solitude to regain their “energy.” To recharge and begin anew.

They Are Active Dreamers

The INFJ personality is a tireless dreamer. However, her dreams do not reside in the world illusion and daydream, in the classical narrative of the passive dreamer, her idealism is so fragile and light that the wind blows her away. For the INFJ this is quite the opposite.

This personality type has the natural need to contribute to society, and hence, they daydream in the same way they live their lives: with conviction and determination, doing what they must to manifest their dreams into an active reality.

In a work setting, these people always show independence, clear goal orientation, high creativity and a lot of intuition. Also, it is common that they like art and science equally.

Yet Their Enthusiasm And Idealism Often Wears Them Out

“Each man must decide whether to walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” - Martin Luther King.

The INFJ personality has only one problem: society. In this world full of inequalities, closed doors and walls to overcome on a daily basis, it is easy to become discouraged by the many obstacles littering the path. Therefore, it is common for the INFJ to end up being disappointed and left suffering from constant physical and emotional wear.

It is not easy for them to have to face daily criticism, stress and that clash between their idealism and harsh reality. Another trait that characterizes them is that they often forget to take care of themselves. Please don't forget yourself you oh so wonderful soul, you!

So, Are You The Counsellor Type?

  • The so-called “counsellors” have always felt different from the rest, even though they have many friends, they have never felt they fit in with the group, which is why at times they have had to lie to be accepted by the rest. This is normal for them, since they need harmony within the group that surrounds them.

  • You always want to know what happens in the lives of other people, and not out of indiscretion, but out of a genuine interest in knowing the other and seeing their real face.

  • You can be very shy, quiet and withdrawn, but at the same time charming and funny, since “counsellors” are able to wonderfully adapt to the situation and the mood of the people they meet.

  • You don't give advice or opinions unless asked, but you do ask questions to help the other understand the situation. Sometimes you use your own experiences in the hope that they can draw some lessons from, since your goal is for the other to see the right path for himself and not for your advice.

  • You are known to remove people from your life completely after being hurt by them many times, and although you don't enjoy it, you do it to protect yourself.

  • On the outside, you seem to be a calm person who can handle things, however, on the inside you are extremely sensitive to the words and actions of others, which you go over and over in your mind.

  • One of your main problems is that you try to make other people happy, forgetting about your own.

  • You feel like you are destined for more than just a day job. You really wish that you could help others and even the world, but you have no idea how to do it or what your purpose is.

  • You can perceive the atmosphere in a room only when entering it. You also absorb the emotion that the people around you experience and tend to attract calmer and more focused people so you don't have to deal with annoying energy.

  • Although you don't like to admit it, you are drawn to good quality things like well-made clothes and good food. However, you are a minimalist person who prefers to have a few good things, rather than many mediocrities.

You care deeply about the people in your life, but they probably don't know it, as you keep your feelings mostly to yourself. You may have trouble articulating your emotions, even if you feel them intensely.

  • You are very considerate of other people, and you think that those who are not kind are insensitive beings.

  • You love learning, especially when it comes to psychology, self-improvement, spirituality, and certain sciences.

  • When you have a passion for something, it seems like nothing can get in your way. The INFJ motto is: "The impossible takes a little longer."

  • Other people see you as wise, insightful, and almost spiritual. They are often sought out for counselling and emotional support. But while he enjoys his role as the "wise man," and likes to be needed, sometimes it becomes too much.

To Conclude

You are a wonder, a marvel, a soul weaved out of magic and enigma. I am in awe of you, thank you for being the wondrous oddity that you are.


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