• Mauro Herrera

Although I’d Like Vaccines To Be Mandatory, I’m Against It (A Short Rant)

Almost a month ago, President Macron decreed that people in France who are not vaccinated against COVID-19, would not have the right to enter airplanes, restaurants and attend mass events.

These measures have been very polarizing since it is something that goes beyond believing or not in vaccines.

I'm fully vaccinated, and no one had to push me to do it. I am 100% in favor of vaccines, not one anti-vaxxer has told me a coherent reason why not to get vaccinated, and still, I am not entirely happy that a government forces people to get vaccinated.

The discussion about whether vaccines work or not is ancient history, all papers and research are available on the internet, do your own homework. It's not news to anyone that the Delta variant is more aggressive and contagious. The French President's statements were almost a month ago, so nothing I am talking about is new or revealing.

The first time I saw on the news the restrictions that France will take for the unvaccinated I thought: "That's good, they have the right to refuse to get vaccinated, but we have the right not to be at risk because of them." Although I live thousands of miles from France.

However, the more I thought about it, the more it reminded me of the kind of things the government of my country does, which I oppose so much.

You see, I come from some oil country in South America where the government controls practically everything. From how many items can I buy in a supermarket, how much farmers can charge for their crops, how many liters of gasoline can I load my car (if I had one), even whether or not I can get a passport.

So when I hear such repressive restrictions on the population of a country, it hits close to home.

So this is my moral crossroads. I understand the dangers of people not getting vaccinated, the number of infected grows, new mutations, and herd immunity is not reached. So yes, I would like everyone to get vaccinated, but not because they are forced to. I only agree with this decree because I'm on the benefited side of the population, the vaccinated people. However, if we let freedoms be limited in this way, one day might not be the lucky ones.


There is no conclusion. In my country, it is still not mandatory to get vaccinated, since there are not even enough vaccines for a quarter of the population. I applaud those who are vaccinated, and those who aren't, although I do not agree with them, I respect their freedom to choose.

One day I wake up feeling that freedoms must have a limit since they affect us all, but the next morning I wake up as an anarchist.

So this is my week, thanks for asking, how is yours going?


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