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Add These 5 Things To Your Writing Environment And Boost Your Performance Right Away

There are many tips to improve writing performance, structures, methods, techniques, etc. But as a marathoner, it is not enough just to be good, you need to have an ideal environment to give your best.

When we write, we worry about many things, about spelling, grammar, style, if our readers will like it. However, the work of writing begins before actually writing. Since we choose a spot destined to be our work sanctuary, we must make sure that everything is in order and that it makes writing easier for us.

There are days when I felt that the juices of inspiration simply did not flow, sometimes I believed that I had simply lost it. I had no good ideas, I couldn't find the right words to express my thoughts, and basically, everything I wrote was garbage. Everything changed noticeably for the better when I focused on having an optimal workspace. You only need 5 tips, you can make these changes in a matter of minutes.

1. Have a schedule

Most of us here still don't rely solely on Medium to pay the bills (yet), so we have to find time between a job or two.

The moment you choose to sit down to write is very important, you shouldn't just wait for motivation to push you to do it. If you have roommates, it may not be the best option to write at noon, when it's busiest. For several months I worked late at night when everyone was asleep, everything is calmer and I could write better, but it completely messed with my sleep schedule.

Find a schedule that helps you as much as possible, that offers you calm and silence, but also promotes your productivity. Also, having a regular writing schedule works like an exercise, you'll force yourself to write more neatly and you will not depend on a spontaneous rush of inspiration.

2. Have a plan

Photo by Charles Deluvio on UnsplashOne of the best ways to have an effective and productive writing session is to have an organized structure. If you are writing a chapter in your book, have the main events written in order and the characters involved.

If you must write an article for your blog, write down the main ideas and keywords for SEO before you start.

3. Have all your tools within reach

When we write we usually use supporting material, be it documents, research, biographies, etc. A very common mistake is to sit down and write before looking up all of our references first. That only means that we have to interrupt our session to go look for them.

In your workspace, have everything you need within reach, all your tools, gadgets, documents, and anything else you use when writing. Thus, you will have a more fluid and progressive work rate.

4. Have a snack or two

Photo by Chris Benson on UnsplashOne of the best tips I was given when starting out as a writer is to help me with drinks and snacks ready for each writing session.

Eating something while you write helps your brain not only focus on one thing. It's an external stimulus that will help us keep the body's gears working. Of course, don't make the mistake of eating a large meal. It's not about eating lunch while you write.

A bubble tea, a coffee, or some chips on the side of your laptop are perfect for this. But be careful, you don't want to be looking for articles with 5 tips to lose weight in a few months.

5. Music is your friend

Talking about the benefits of listening to music in concentration and performance is already a broken record (no pun intended). However, not everyone knows how to choose the correct tunes to enter the zone and spit out the best paragraphs ever written in history.

Don't make the mistake of listening to your favorite songs by Olivia Rodrigo, and nothing against her, in this house we all love Oli. But not all songs promote concentration, some just promote missing your ex.

Instead, choose instrumental music, movie or video game soundtracks, or my favorite option: binaural beats. They are tracks designed to stimulate brain activity, avoid distractions and improve your performance. It's like getting high on music.


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