• Emma Buryd

Achieve Any Goal You Set For Yourself In Just 3 Simple Steps

It's October already, how are those New Years' resolutions going?

Oh sorry... did I touch on a sensitive topic?

Don't worry, the good thing is that it's almost December and we can already feel full of motivation to make changes in our lives.

I will give you a little help this time, that way, you can meet your goals for 2022. And if not, then we will always have 2023.

Meeting our goals can become a difficult task for several reasons. Many times we lack a real plan, we only have a general motivation. Sometimes we fail to be consistent, which is why our goals are dead by March.

With this strategy, you can work on anything you want to achieve in just 3 simple steps. They are very simple and work for everything. Diet, exercise, work, school, relationships, etc.

Always remember the three P's

1. Be expressive with your intentions (Pledge)

When you want to achieve something, tell your plans to the people you care about. Tell your friends and family that you want to lose weight, quit smoking, or become a NASCAR driver.

Vocalizing our intentions has a major effect on our brain. Converting an internal thought into a vocal sentence makes us see it in another way.

On the other hand, the people around us can become part of the process. They can help us with tips or just give us their support and words of affirmation.

Finally, we will feel more pressure to work on our goals as we share them with the world. If I didn't tell anyone I wanted to lose 20 pounds, no one will judge me when I eat a family-size pizza on my own.

2. Divide your goal into small steps (Plan)

You know what you want to achieve, now you must write it in stone.

A goal without a plan is just a dream. Make sure you know what concrete actions you need to take to get closer to that goal.

The mistake is in making a very ambiguous plan. Don't just say you'll start going to the gym. Establish that you will train 3 days a week, say Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two hours.

Don't say that you will start eating healthy. Make an appointment with a nutritionist, or cut back on carbohydrates or trans fats.

Segmenting your goals into small tasks will make progress easier. Don't expect to see big changes in a short time, focus on mini-goals that you can achieve every day.

3. Keep a record of your progress (Plot)

The first two steps usually happen in December, this third step usually ceases to exist at Easter.

It is very easy to fail to maintain a steady pace and lose motivation in the middle of the road. So keeping track of everything you've done and accomplished will help you stay focused.

You can keep a journal, take photos, or record videos constantly. Anything that reminds you of everything you've done these months.

It's pretty simple, always remember to Pledge, Plan, and Plot every time you set a new goal.

Save this post, you will need it in December.

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