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7 Things You Wouldn't Believe Introverts Are Better At

There are many misconceptions about introverts.

People often believe that we are unable to socialize, that we do not like to leave our home or that we cry easily.

I cry easily but that is an unrelated fact!

In defense of us introverts, I collected some things that we are very good at. Some of the following may sound hard to believe, but these are facts.

I think it's time to debunk myths about introverts and extroverts once and for all. An introvert can enjoy meeting lots of people and hanging out. An extrovert may feel comfortable at home reading a book.

It would be a good idea to make a similar list of extrovert facts in the future.

If any of you know one please let me know.

These are 7 things introverts are very good at.

1. They are great talkers

That's right. That thing about introverts not knowing how to converse is a blatant lie.

However, it doesn't mean that an introvert can talk about anything. Small talk bores us, so we prefer to talk about thought-provoking ideas.

If you fall into a conversation, won't you just hear "Did you see the Yankees game last night?" You will hear questions about life, the Universe and deep ideas. That can be one of the most interesting talks.

Also, we are great listeners. So we will not only talk, we will endeavor to listen to your ideas and understand them.

2. They are good caregivers

Introverts are usually empathetic and caring people, which makes them great caregivers. Of people, animals or things.

An introvert is a great companion while you are sick or feeling down. We care a lot about the mood of others and if we can do something to elevate it, we will try.

On the other hand, if you are going on a trip and need someone to take care of your pet or your plants, an introvert is a great option.

I personally offer my services as a puppy sitter.

3. They are excellent leaders

Another myth that we must discard is that leaders must be loud, talkative, and imposing.

There are many reasons why an introvert can become a great leader. They know how to listen, they take everyone's opinions into account, and they seek everyone's comfort. They will accept the best ideas and not just theirs. They know how to motivate others through their actions and not just command and be bossy.

4. They are great planners.

Introverts tend to spend a lot of time quietly absorbed in our thoughts. That makes us think of different situations that can happen.

They are excellent for creating plans and strategies, since it is easy for them to take into account all the aspects to be considered. Also, they don't usually come up with spontaneous ideas without a lot of prior thought. They tend to double-check every possibility.

5. They give good advice

What do you look for in someone to give you good advice? That they are attentive, that they listen to you, that they consider the big picture, and that they want the best for you.

All of those qualities are typical of an introvert. Their ability to put themselves in the shoes of others is vital to giving good advice.

Like when they plan, when they give you advice they think about it a lot, so they won't tell you something just for the sake of saying it.

If you need honest and thoughtful advice, an introvert may be your best option.

6. Obervan with ease

Some psychological theories state that introverts are more sensitive to external stimuli.

That means that we are very aware of the environment around us. In short: we are observers.

They can notice facial expressions in others, changes in behavior, and changes in physical spaces. Usually it is this hyper-consciousness that plays against us when we meet new people.

But in careers and jobs that require a well-trained eye, introverts get on with ease. I speak of artists, psychologists, researchers, etc.

7. They are constant and loyal

Introverts don't like drastic changes, preferring instead the safety and comfort of the familiar.

For this reason, it is not normal for us to change a lot of jobs or social circles. You can be sure that they will not make erratic and unexpected decisions. This makes them good employees and friends.

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