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6 Ways To Meditate And Which One Is The Best For You

Meditation is at the top of the list of habits we want to build. Especially when we propose to have a healthy lifestyle. However, it's not so easy at first for everyone.

There are several types of meditation and they are very different. You are simply taking with the only option you know.

You can meditate in many ways, in fact, you have meditated thousands of times.

If you're like me, you have a hard time keeping the voice in your head quiet. Or maybe it's hard to find a quiet place in your home.

Discover the different ways to meditate and which is the best for you.

1. Mindful meditation

This is the classic version that we all know. Possibly it is the only one that you have tried and have not been successful.

We all know the steps. Find a quiet place, sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing.

Be present at the moment and be aware of all your thoughts and emotions without repressing or judging them. That is mindful meditation.

This brings many benefits such as relieving stress, regulating emotions, and self-control. However, it may not be the best option for beginners.

2. Guided Meditation

This is very similar to mindful meditation but with someone helping you. Just like a gym trainer.

You can use the help of a video, audio, or meditation app. The steps are the same, but a voice instructs you in the process.

It's easier to get started as concentrating on the music and the steps are easier than keeping your mind blank.

Start for ten minutes a day and you will see how it will get easier over time. It's a great place to start and then try other more advanced forms of meditation.

3. Breathing Meditation

As in all types of meditation, you must focus on something. In this case, you just need to focus on your breathing.

It's easier than guided meditation or mindful meditation since you only need yourself and your lungs. It consists of maintaining fluid and constant breathing rhythm and concentrating on that exercise.

The breathing box technique is usually used. This is done in the following way:

-Inhale for 4 seconds

-Hold for 4 seconds

-Exhale for 4 seconds

-Hold for 4 seconds

And repeat.

This type of meditation is great for your blood flow and your lungs. This is your best option if you feel like you are under a lot of stress and anxiety. The exercise of controlled breathing only is great for your health.

4. Meditation with Mantra

A mantra is a phrase that you constantly repeat to make a change.

Meditating with a mantra is simply repeating a positive sentence, over time it will affect your mind.

If you constantly repeat to yourself: "My life is full of serenity", or "I can achieve all my goals", every day, you reprogram your brain.

These phrases should always be pointed out positively and you should always keep them in mind. It's great for people who aren't looking for a specific benefit but are looking for overall well-being and wholeness.

Like the other types, you focus on one thing and that thing is your mantra.

5. Focused Meditation

Think of breath meditation, but you can focus on an object, sound, or smell.

You just have to focus deeply on one sensation. You can use a musical track, an object to observe, the smell of a scented candle, or touch a textured object.

Focusing on a sensation can easily lead you into a meditative state. This type of meditation is easy for beginners and useful for those who have trouble studying or sleeping.

6. Meditation on motion

Have you ever had long, introspective monologues in your head while washing dishes or walking? Without knowing it, you are meditating.

Moving meditation is done when you focus on a physical task, this can be walking, running, or dancing. Doing Yoga is meditation in motion.

Focusing on your body and the movements you must perform is a very common way to meditate. This is great because it is the only one you can do while multitasking.

Fold clothes, make the bed, walk to work, all while you meditate.

It is excellent for those who have a very busy pace of life and feel that they don't have time. Also, if you are one of those who find it difficult to stay still and calm, this may be for you.


Meditation is simply keeping yourself in the present in a calm state. You don't necessarily have to be on top of a mountain in complete silence or reach enlightenment.

As you can see, there are many ways to meditate, find the best one for you.

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