• Emma Buryd

6 Most Common Parenting Mistakes When Raising A Child

Parenting is not easy at all, mainly because there are no classes for it. It's something you learn as you go.

Our main reference was how our parents raised us. And although we know that they always want the best for us, it is very easy to make mistakes.

Although they loved us, cared for us, and made sure that we lacked nothing, they inevitably had customs that affected us growing up. It doesn't mean your parents are horrible, they were probably great parents, but child psychologists have identified unhealthy patterns.

These are very common and we usually repeat them because we are not aware of the consequences they can have on the mental health of a child.

If you are a father, keep an eye out for the most common parenting mistakes and their consequences.

1. Signing kids up for too many activities

  • Negative impact on sleeping habits and mental health.

  • It can cause high levels of stress and overexertion.

2. Not allowing kids to say no

  • They might not learn to gain confidence, set boundaries, and stand up for themselves.

3. Comparing children to others

  • Ruin a child's self-esteem at an early age.

  • Makes them question their parents' love.

4. Forcing children to eat

  • They associate food with negative context, making them picky eaters or have restrictive dietary habits.

5. Using humiliation as discipline

  • Leads to behavioral and emotional problems in the future.

  • May make them socially anxious, depressed, or aggressive.

6. Praising intelligence over hard work

  • This causes a fixed mindset where they give up if they fail.

  • Little motivation in children to remain constant in things that they are not good at the beginning.

  • It makes them believe that they are not good enough and never will be.

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