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5 Skills You Must Build Before You Turn 30 According To Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is undoubtedly a controversial character. A great thinker of our time for some, and a villain for others.

You can be on one side or the other, however, it cannot be denied that Peterson has very interesting ideas on different topics.

This time, in an interview with Lewis Howes, the two discussed different topics. The one that stood out the most was when Howes asked Peterson what skills he thinks we should all develop in our 20s.

Here's what Jordan Peterson responded:

A good physical condition

This sounds like a very distant goal to some, but you shouldn't think about having the physique of a bodybuilder. Just work on having a decent condition.

Staying healthy on the edge of what is possible. This means not abusing substances, especially alcohol. This may be a problem for you, even if you think it is not because you are not an alcoholic.

Make exercise a habit in your life, simply for the sake of being healthier. You will live longer, you will get sick less.

Build meaningful relationships with people

The advantage older people have over younger people, especially in the workplace, is that they have connections.

Throughout their lives, they have met people and built a network of contacts. This is a highly valued resource for life. Start doing that today.

Be generous, be kind, keep your words. That way you will add meaningful connections to yourself. And not only in connections that help you with a business, but that add productive things to your life.

Build your own values ​​and philosophy

Build a vision of the world and yourself. In this way, you will realize that you have to do the things you want the way you want.

Don't live for others. You don't have to live by other people's terms, and that means having your own set of values ​​and sense of the world.

Have genuine beliefs, be curious, and go out there to find out the answers. Don't settle for what others tell you.

Be a team player

Along the way, you will find that you will find greater satisfaction in the things you do for others. Being a good person in the eyes of others, but not in the way of putting together a facade.

Do things that help others, be a person that others want to be around, become someone who contributes positive things to the lives of others. Working on being a good person for others is a way of being a person yourself.

Loneliness and selfishness won't really bring you anything positive.

Develop willpower to get things done

Be disciplined and focused on achieving the goals you set for yourself. Develop your ability to get things done.

Have leadership qualities, not just to inspire and motivate others, but to lead yourself.

Don't let your goals pile up because you don't have the willpower to work for them.

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