• Emma Buryd

5 Signs You Suffer From Burnout Syndrome

Are you feeling less energy lately? Are you having a hard time getting out of bed to go to college or work? Do you feel like you're being lazy?

You are probably not being lazy, maybe you suffer from Burnout syndrome. You'd be surprised how common it is to be burnt out without knowing it. That's why experts recommend keeping an eye out for the signs.

Most of the time it's not so easy to identify Burnout syndrome. We tend to confuse being burnt out with working hard. However, not addressing the problem in time can have great consequences.

These are 5 signs that work or school is causing you to burn out.

1. You are isolated from others

When a person suffers from burnout syndrome, they begin to show difficulty in maintaining social relationships.

Therefore, it's common for patients with this condition to isolate themselves from their friends and family. The overload in our brain makes us feel that maintaining contact with our loved ones is tiring.

If you've turned down all the invitations to go out lately, or talking to family members seems like an exhausting task, your work may be causing you stress.

Keep an eye on how you treat the people around you.

2. You have a hard time being productive

You work and study for hours and you try hard. But that effort doesn't seem to be reflected in your work.

Your boss notices that your performance is declining or you see your grades drop.

Why is that happening if you are working harder than ever?

Well, working too hard may be the problem.

People who are burnt out have a hard time concentrating and being productive. It sounds ironic, but for better results, you need to relax a bit.

3. You are physically unwell

Burnout syndrome not only affects our head, but it also affects our body.

Not only do you feel mentally drained, but you are also tired all the time. It doesn't matter if you sleep a lot or a little, you are always sleepy.

High levels of stress impair our ability to rest, despite sleeping for many hours.

Furthermore, our immune system is damaged as well. Are you getting sick easily lately? It may not be allergies.

Does your back hurt? The knees? Do you feel like you have a 75-year-old body? Your body hurts, you are constantly sick and tired.

Your body is trying to send you signs.

4. You have trouble managing your emotions

Your brain is so preoccupied with so many things that it just doesn't have time to deal with emotions.

You are easily irritable, you have explosive reactions, you cry easily. All of these are clear signs of burnout.

Your ability to manage your emotions disappears and instead, it seems that your emotions control you.

Have you noticed drastic mood swings that are unusual for you?

5. You have constant negative thoughts

Burnout syndrome makes us perfect pessimists.

We worry excessively about everything, and we feel like everything is going to go wrong.

The anguish of suspecting that at any moment something bad will happen. Your boss will appear at the door to fire you. Just because.

Your mind is kept in a state of defense that makes you expect the worst. You have negative thoughts and you cannot avoid them.

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