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5 Reasons Why You Should Change WhatsApp for Telegram

In most of the world, WhatsApp is the most common messaging app. This is not hard to believe, since this is part of the Facebook conglomerate, or what is now Meta.

However, just because something is the most popular, it does not mean that it is the best. Telegram users have been sounding like Jehovah's Witnesses for several years. Announcing how it is better than its competition and that in the future we will all be Telegram users.

But is Telegram actually better than WhatsApp? Let's look at a comparative list.

First of all, a disclaimer

There is a determining factor that we must clarify from the beginning and that is the number of users that each app has. In this case, WhatsApp is the broad winner with 2 billion active users, four times more than Telegram's 500 million.

Of course, it doesn't matter much which app is better if all your contacts use only WhatsApp.

Taking this into account, we will only analyze the technical aspects and the experience of using each one.

So let's get started!

Security and privacy

In one aspect of security protocols and end-to-end encryption, both apps work very well. It would be difficult to establish which is better since they both work similarly.

However, Telegram has a step forward thanks to secret chats. A function that we do not have in WhatsApp.

Anti-screenshot and auto-destructing message functions add a further layer of security to secret Telegram chats.


Another aspect in which both apps work almost exactly the same.

The way to send messages, emojis, GIFs, and stickers are practically traced between one option and the other. Today there is no clear winner in this regard.

Although it is important to clarify that Telegram has adopted these functions before WhatsApp ends up copying them later. So if you want to know what new features are coming in the Zuckerberg App, you just have to look at Telegram.

Share features

When we are in the situation of sending photos or videos through these apps, everything is very similar. However, Telegram has some extra features that WhatsApp lacks.

We can do group polls with our friends, and video clips. On the other hand, if we take into account the functions added by bots and channels, the advantages are much more.

Thanks to all this, Telegram offers a broader set of tools than its counterpart.

Video calls

This is the only point where Telegram is noticeably worse than WhatsApp. Although in essence, they work practically the same, today we cannot have group calls on Telegram. On the other hand, in WhatsApp, we can have video calls with up to 8 people.

Desktop version

Again, at first glance, it seems that both options are the same. But Telegram always has one more step.

To keep an open WhatsApp web session, your mobile device must be connected to the internet. On the other hand, Telegram's web service works in the cloud, so you can log in on all the devices you want without limits. Your mobile doesn't need to be online.


Personalization in WhatsApp comes down to two things: dark mode and chat background color, that's it.

Telegram, in its version for Android, is highly customizable. You can change the colors of pretty much everything, so it's the big winner.


At the end of the day, WhatsApp is just a messaging app with more users and better video calls. In everything else, Telegram is a clear winner.

Although while we know, most people want an app where messages are sent and messages arrive. That you can send cat memes is an extra touch.

For those who enjoy a more complete experience, Telegram will be a more favorable option.

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