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5 Procrastination Killers I Use Every Day

Procrastination is enemy number 1 of productivity. Why do something right now if I can do it later?

Many of us are chronic procrastinators and we don't know it. At least I didn't know. That is why I need extra help to do my daily tasks.

These tips have helped me face my chores without putting them off and have more productive days. See them as some kind of hack.

These are the 5 procrastination killers I use every day.

1. Do the most tedious task first

When planning your day, always set the most tedious task first.

If you have to clean the kitchen and it is something you hate to do, you will be all day with that annoying thought. You will naturally want to avoid and put it off as long as possible.

If it's the first thing you do a day, it's like taking a load off your shoulders. The psychological burden will be less and you will face the rest of the tasks more easily.

2. Use an alarm

You know you've done this: you have to study for an exam and you tell yourself you'll start doing it at 2:00 pm. When you see the clock it is 2:08 pm. "Well, I guess I'll have to start at 2:30 pm."

The next thing you know is that it's 8:00 pm and you didn't study at all.

When you choose a time to start doing something, set an alarm on your phone. Pick the loudest and most annoying sound to play when it's time to get things done.

This will help you stick to the schedule and make it more difficult to put it off.

3. Always do something

Sometimes you just don't feel like doing anything. You don't want to start the report that is due on Monday.

Use the "Always do something principle. What does this mean?

Allow yourself not to do a task that is not urgent, but in return, you must get up to do something. Anything.

Clean your home, do the laundry, exercise, bathe your dog. Always keep doing something productive. You will see how the momentum will lead you to do the initial task without problem.

4. Adapt your environment

It's not always your fault that you procrastinate. We are constantly surrounded by hundreds of distractions, so you must adapt your space to encourage your productivity.

Start by keeping everything fairly tidy, as a cluttered home will not help you to be productive. Then try to keep anything that distracts you away from where you work.

Then, you must adapt your digital space. Turn off notifications on your phone and remove distracting apps from your home screen.

Keep only what you use to work with simple clothes, games, and social networks, group them in a less visible place. This works for your phone, tablet, and pc.

5. Schedule leisure time

The error is in believing that we must eliminate leisure completely and it is not like that.

You simply have to set a time to be unproductive. That way, this won't interrupt your work rate.

Set a 15-20 minute time to watch Tik Tok videos or play mobile games. It is best to be unproductive in a productive way.

What do you do to stay productive during your day? Do you have any special hack to kill procrastination?

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