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5 Lessons Ted Lasso Taught Me (And 5 Reasons To Watch It)

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I am not a TV critic, but I know how to recognize a good work. Luckily for me, you don't have to take my word for it anymore, you can take the Emmys'.

Last Sunday the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards took place. I honestly didn't see it because I fell asleep very early as I'm basically old.

However, the next morning I saw in the print newspaper that the Apple TV series won best comedy series. Then I got dressed to go to the coal mine where I work.

My grandchildren never call.

All jokes aside, I'm very happy to see that a show that I love so much and that has made me feel warm inside is getting the recognition it deserves. On Monday, on Twitter, many people start asking themselves:: "Should I start watching Ted Lasso?" The short answer is yes.

As I said, I'm no critic, so I cannot review the series according to its script, cinematography, or performances (which I think are all pretty good). What I can do is review it according to the lessons it has taught me.

These are some of them:

1. Winning is not the goal, it is the consequence

Ted Lasso is a football coach who is hired to lead an English Premier League team. Coach Lasso may not be the best soccer manager (he's not even one), but he knows a lot about motivating his players.

Ted doesn't focus on winning every game or scoring more goals. He focuses on making every part of the process count. Every practice, every talk, every conversation in the hallways with the AFC Richmond staff. Winning is only the result of trusting the process.

2. You don't always have to be the best, but you always have to give your best

Unlike other English soccer coaches in real life, Ted is not obsessed with recruiting the best players. He works to get the best out of the team he already has.

This includes the other coaches, the team owner, and even the equipment manager.

3. Motivate and listen

Ted's secret weapon is that he never shuts up, but he doesn't stop listening either.

Coach Lasso is interested in everyone's life around him. In this way, he knows how to motivate each of his players. He understands his needs and strengths, so he doesn't just demand. He cares about giving his team what it takes to do their best.

4. Believe

This word has had a lot of meaning since the first episode of the show.

Ted Lasso led a hopeless college football team to greatness. What he did was make them believe. That is all it takes to be part of this coach's team. You must believe that you can always be better, and the glory will come.

5. First of all, we are people

Ted is so human that it is inevitable to love him as a character. His greatest achievement is understanding everyone as people, not as employees of a football club.

From the moment he arrives until he leaves, Coach Lasso makes everyone feel comfortable and safe. To do your best, you must first feel your best.

Needless to say, this post is not sponsored. Nor is it like Apple needs it. Everyone is talking about Ted Lasso and it's for good reason. I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to talk about a show that I enjoy so much.

It has been a safe place in difficult times for me and maybe it will be for you.

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