• Mauro Herrera

5 Common Problems Among Highly Intelligent People

These 5 traits are very common among smart people. Do you have any of them?

Researchers have been trying for decades to conclude whether intelligence is a matter of genetics or nurture. Although there is still an ongoing conversation around the topic, there have been several findings.

In an investigation that studied a group of people with high IQ, it was shown that these people share many traits. Sadly, many of those traits can be described as troublesome.

Highly intelligent people often share these problems. Let's see which are the most common.

1. They are over-analytical

People with a high IQ are shown to be more perceptive or sensitive to their surroundings. This leads them to become hyper-aware of themselves and their environment.

This may seem like a good thing, but it causes subjects to over-stimulate themselves from everyday things.

Make decisions, social relationships, even watch a movie. Everything becomes a demanding task because they do not stop overanalyzing expressions, words, actions.

2. They get stressed easily

What is mentioned in the previous point can only lead to one thing: stress and anxiety.

Individuals with high IQ show higher levels of stress and anxiety. This is due to hypersensitivity.

They get stressed easily because they experience everything with intensity. Pending tasks, unfinished projects, everything becomes a heavy psychological burden for them.

3. Either they do it with intensity or they don't do it at all

Intelligent people are very curious and tend to show interest in many things.

When something attracts them they can dedicate their energy to that task. If they find a book that they are passionate about, they can read hundreds of pages in minutes.

However, by showing interest in many things, it is impossible to cover them all. So they feel overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

If they're not passionate about something, it is almost impossible to make them do something out of obligation.

4. They are perfectionists

When imagining possible projects, they always think big.

They don't know how to settle for medium goals, they always want to aim for the moon. This is natural since their brains are capable of big plan ideas.

Sadly this leads them to create very high expectations that they cannot always meet. If the result is not 100% as they first imagined, they can be easily discouraged.

5. They don't usually have many friends

People with high IQs often express that they don't have a large group of friends. And they really love that.

Highly intelligent individuals are more interested in ambitious ideas and thoughts. Empty and banal topics don't entertain them, and getting people with the same standards is difficult.

Usually, these people have small but very loyal groups of friends. They are not interested in having hundreds of friends, but when they find one, they appreciate them quite a bit.

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