• Jack Graves

30 Things I Wish I Had Learned Before I Turned 30

# 1 Take those classes

You always wanted to learn to play the piano, but you were worried about being judged. Now you’re just a 30-year-old guy who can’t play the piano.

# 2 It’s never too early to save

Talking about retirement and a savings fund at age 19 sounds crazy, I know. As long as you learn the importance of saving sooner, you won’t struggle to recover financially every time you make an impulse purchase.

# 3 You don’t need so many things

Stop making impulse purchases. After a certain age, minimalism becomes a custom rather than an option.

# 4 Create something that’s yours

Don’t feel bad if you’re not the CEO of your own company at 23, but it’s never too late to create something that is yours. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hobby, be your own boss at something.

# 5 You should’ve gotten health insurance long before

I know it’s not easy, but trust me, you don’t need it until you need it.

# 6 Wasting time is never worth it

Quit that job you hate. End that relationship that you KNOW doesn’t work. Cut off those friends who don’t bring anything good.

# 7 You never call your parents enough

Call mom and dad, just because. They want to hear from you, they just don’t want to bother you.

# 8 Difficult decisions are the first ones you have to make

If making a decision is very difficult for you, it is because it is important. Important things should not be postponed, make up your mind and follow your guts.

# 9 Start over as many times as you need

Don’t be afraid to drop out of college, start a new job in something totally new, move to an unfamiliar place.

# 10 Freedom is not negotiable

Don’t be emotionally dependent on anyone. Learn to do things yourself, learn to be alone.

# 11 It doesn’t matter being the best, it matters giving your best

Always do your best, if you do, it doesn’t matter if you were the most outstanding.

# 12 We are all miserable in our own way

We are all fighting some battle, none is worse or better.

Don’t be part of someone else’s problem. It’s not your responsibility to fix them, but don’t make things worse.

# 13 No matter the distance, your friends are close

You always have people who care about you, even though you sometimes forget it. We all are only a message away. It doesn’t matter that we haven’t talked in months.

# 14 Nobody knows everything

Many times you’ll feel like you’re in front of the next Zuckerberg or Gates. More than likely you are not. Even geniuses have many doubts.

# 15 Forgiveness is easier than you think

Forgive those who have hurt you, that does not mean that you allow it to happen again.

You’ll be doing yourself a favor by starting to forgive quickly.

# 16 You’re not weak for asking for help

There is a lot of courage behind asking for help. Know when to do it. You don’t have all the answers.

# 17 Your diet isn’t healthy enough

I know you feel that by adding a few broccoli to your lunch, you’ve done enough, but you haven’t. Cut out energy drinks, sodas, and all that junk.

# 18 Stay active

Go for a walk, jog once in a while, play sports. You don’t want to get an asthma attack every time you run for a few seconds.

# 19 Curiosity is a virtue

It does not matter that you do not become an expert in everything that interests you, never stop learning.

# 20 Your mental health is worth more than any pay

There is no amount of money worth the anxiety and damage that a toxic work environment causes.

# 21 Everyone has a story to tell

Everybody is the main character of their own journey, if you listen well, you will know their story.

# 22 Travel alone

Live experiences even if you have to do it alone. Each and every time it will be worth it.

# 23 What if’s don’t let you sleep at night

Failing, learning your lesson, and moving on takes a few days. The doubt of what could have happened if you had tried stays with you all your life.

# 24 Stand firm in what you believe in

No one will defend your beliefs for you.

# 25 Concerts and trips are the best investment

If you are going to waste your money on something, let it be on experiences.

# 26 The things that you are afraid to do, you must do

Never stop doing things that scare you, they are always the beginning of great stories to tell.

# 27 Make sure your comfort zone is big enough

Don’t feel bad about preferring to stay home and rest, just don’t get trapped in your comfort.

# 28 You can always have fun without hurting yourself

Alcohol and drugs are fun once, but learn to have fun without any of it.

# 29 You won’t have what you want, you will have what you work for

Stop waiting for a raise that you have not asked for or to win the lottery, good things come when you look for them.

# 30 Never go to the bathroom during a dream

It’s a trap.


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