Our Story

What We Do

We believe that the di-stigmatization of mental health is the right everyone. The right support, encouragement and love. Without judgement and fear of scorn. That's why we have created this blog. To bring together all of your stories, resources, tips and tricks, creating a community where we can share how we feel, supporting each other, and giving us the platform to share our experiences and insights. Because stories, stories like ours help those who are like us, knowing that we are not alone in what we are going through can make all the difference. That is why we've created this blog, to create a platform for the expression and de-stigmatization of mental health, a place to share our stories and help those suffering - together. Because of Mindsmatter. 

As well as having created this platform for the expression, destigmatization, non-judgemental safe-space for those with mental health issues, we also provide guidance and assistance to enable anyone experiencing a mental health problem to live a full and rich life, to grow and blossom into people with a beautiful tapestry reflecting their happy and fulfilled life. We will never stop until every single person going through a mental health problem is given the help they need, without stigma.